Frequently Asked Questions

thumbnail_IMG_6005Happy,  healthy families are my passion. I love working with women because when women are energized and strong we make invaluable contributions to our families and communities– everyone benefits. Like the saying goes “When mama is happy, everyone is happy”. You want to help your family thrive? Start with yourself.

FAQ #1.  Do you work with teenagers? Can you work with my son/daughter?
Many clients ask this, and the answer is Yes. If he/she is under 18 you, I’d like for you to accompany your teenager to our meetings.  When adolescents understand the role of the food they eat in how they feel, they  easily (and willingly!) make better choices for themselves. Good dietary and lifestyle habits are great skills to teach our children, especially in this day and age. Mood disorders like anxiety and depression, for example, have become quite common amongst our teens. Dietary and lifestyle modifications can be of great help.
I love to work with motivated adolescents, they respond beautifully and quickly. 

FAQ #2.  Can you work with my husband too? Although I specialize in women, I am willing to  work with couples. So yes, I can work with your husband but expect you to be involved in the process.  Most importantly, he has to be committed, ready to be an active participant. The two of you can get healthier together.

FAQ #3. Are you a Registered Dietitian (RD)?  No, I’m not a Registered Dietitian.  I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology and have experience as a Nutrition Counselor & Educator.  I have  additional  training in Functional Nutrition and do a lot of research and continuing education on Nutrition & Health. 

FAQ #4.  Is this expensive? Are your services covered by insurance?
Fees are very reasonable and they are not covered by insurance. If you are not feeling well, this will probably be the best investment you can make. I offer two packages:  A Basic Wellness Package,  good for younger clients who want to learn the basics of nutrition and are generally healthy,  and the Foundations of Health Package, which is good for most clients allowing us to cover more information and go more deeply into gut healing, balancing your body systems, healthy lifestyle practices, etc.  Contact me here to get started.


Additional Information

Knowledge is power, but knowledge must be applied if it’s going to do us any good. I can help you make smart, easy changes to allow your body to perform optimally. This minor investment will have positive benefits throughout the rest of  your life.  Good health is the foundation of everything you get to do.    

If this resonates with you;  you are barely eating and still not loosing weight, you are tired of being tired, or  you are confused by the wealth of information on the internet;  maybe you have a medical diagnosis and want to do everything you can to support your health, perhaps you feel like you are aging too fast, or you  want to take a pro-active role in your health—- fill out this form to schedule a  20 minute consultation.  If we are a good fit for each other,  I’d love to work with you. You can feel better!


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