About Mari

Mom headshotI am a mother, wife, grandmother, health and wellness coach, teacher and speaker. 

For most of my life, I’ve been a “Type- A”, go-getter type of person;  super busy, responsible, efficient, and productive.  I struggled with allergies, skin issues, difficult periods, headaches and anxiety.  After building our family home (I was the construction manager; in charge of design, materials, scheduling, etc… while pregnant with my fourth child), I developed adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and the headaches became migraines.  I felt super tired, but continued to push  myself, breastfeeding my baby, and taking care of everything and everybody.  Tests came back “normal” and I was offered medications which gave me  minimal, temporary relief, but no resolution.  I had worked so hard, and I was NOT enjoying the fruits of my labor. 

Something had to change. I didn’t want to manage my symptoms and “survive” the day but solve the problem, and feel better. I had migraines with every period, and often before, and after my period too.  I planed my life around my super heavy periods and dreaded how I knew I’d feel those days. Was there anything I could do to prevent this from happening?  Being a scientist, I went on a search for a better way to mange the excruciating pain.  That’s when I learned about functional nutrition which is nutrition at a whole new level – holistic and in harmony with your biology.  It made so much sense! Even though I ate a “healthy” diet, I wasn’t eating the best foods for me, was definitely not resting enough, and needed to learn how to manage both stress and my schedule. By giving my body what it was missing, making better food and lifestyle choices,  and lovingly supporting it, allergies and migraines are no longer an issue for me and my hormones are under control.  Through genetic testing I learned I wasn’t detoxifying well.  I realized how hard my body had been working to keep up with the demands I was placing on it, and how critical it was to pay attention to my symptoms instead of covering them.  I only wish I had learned all this sooner!  I’m a work in progress as I continue to nourish my precious adrenal glands and find that sweet work-life-play balance. It is now my mission to help other women optimize their health so they feel balanced, healthy, and strong.

My Education & Background

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Masters Degree in Nutrition & Exercise. I have always been fascinated by human physiology— how this amazing body of ours works. I have additional training in Functional Nutrition which beautifully combines my background in science and nutrition.

Besides nutrition counseling, I have been a teacher, catechist, and home builder.  I also have experience as a Lactation Consultant and as a speaker,  teaching and giving lectures on various topics including Nutrition & Health, Christian Parenting and Abstinence Education. I speak English and Spanish fluently. 

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