What makes Natural Life Nutrition & Wellness different?

” I came to see Mari for Nutrition Counseling.  As a breast cancer survivor,  staying healthy is very important to me.  I am so pleased with the results.  Mari’s approach is comprehensive and holistic.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  I feel safe under her guidance and love having an extra set of eyes in my health care team.  She takes the time to address and explain all of my health concerns and is always available to answer quick questions.  It’s a pleasure to work with Mari, she has become a trusted friend.  I recommend her wholeheartedly ”  — Deysy


A Holistic Approach To Health and Wellness

Our body is an amazing creation. It has a tremendous resilience and capacity to heal.  The body is interconnected and functions as a whole. The brain, for example, communicates with the gut  and the thyroid is involved in all body processes.  What you do everyday communicates important information to your body and mind.  Understanding how diet,  nutrition  and lifestyle factors impact your health will help you make optimal choices for optimal health and wellbeing.

I don’t believe there’s one diet that is best for everybody.  I’ll share with you the options available, so you can determine which foods, supplements, number and timing of meals, type of exercise, etc…, are best for you.  No matter what health issue you are dealing with— a whole, clean foods diet,  easy lifestyle modifications, along with the right supplements, can make a world of difference in your health. 

Your body wants to heal, it craves harmony and balance. When the body is in harmony, energy flows and healing and repair can take place.

Lets Work Together.



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