Mari T. Sanchez, M.S., Health & Wellness Coach

 Helping Women Achieve Optimal Health

Natural Life Nutrition & Wellness was created to help women recapture their health and vitality by supporting their bodies naturally.  I specialize in helping women with fatiguedigestive issues, headacheslow thyroid function, and weight management. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are the foundations of health. I can help you set and reach your health goals so you feel (and look) your best.

I Can Help You:

  • figure out the root cause of your health issues.

  • gain clarity as to which foods are best for you.

  • give you tools and support to help you reach your health goals.

  • learn to to listen to your body.  Your symptoms are information.

  • understand your health conditions and practice prevention.

  • find out which supplements are best for you.

  • build resiliency (maintain balance in your life during stressful periods and recover quickly when you experience setbacks).

  • live your healthiest life!


I’m Ready to Feel Better!

To learn more about me, click here.


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