Mari T. Sanchez, M.S., Health & Wellness Coach

 Helping Women Achieve Optimal Health

Welcome to Natural Life Nutrition & Wellness Health Coaching! 
My goal as a Health & Wellness Coach is to empower women to be as 
healthy and energetic as they can be. 
I help women who want to fix/balance their digestion, energy,
hormones, thyroid function and weight. 
Women who value vibrant physical & mental health as a precious
asset and are ready to take action and nourish themselves.
Good (not perfect) nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are the 
foundations of health. I can help you reach your health goals 
so you feel and look your best. Let's work together!





I Can Help You:

  • Remove blocks and obstacles that keep you unwell.

  • Learn to to listen to your body.  Your symptoms are information.

  • Understand your health conditions, so you work with your body, not against it.

  • Decrease pain and inflammation.

  • Learn which foods and supplements are best for you.

  • Adopt lifestyle strategies that promote health, wellness and joy.

  • Age well.

  • Build resilience and balance.

  • Improve your life and start feeling better today!

Have you been trying to be healthier and eat better with no results?  

You are in the right place! 

I Am Ready to Feel Well.


To learn more about me, click here.


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