Mari T. Sanchez, M.S., Health & Wellness Coach

Helping Women Achieve Optimal Health

Natural Life Nutrition & Wellness was created to help women recapture their health and vitality by supporting their bodies naturally.  I specialize in helping women with fatiguedigestive issues, headacheslow thyroid function, and weight management. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are the foundations of health. I can help you set and reach your health goals so you feel your best.


Mission Statement

      It is my goal to give you the tools and support to help you reach your health goals.  To give you peace about eating with accurate information, so you can choose foods that are nourishing and delicious.    

 To teach you how to listen to your body.  Your symptoms are signals, messages your body gives you to call your attention.

To help you understand your health conditions and encourage and support you in incorporating a healthier lifestyleTo help you  practice prevention for optimal health and performance.

I’m Ready to Get Started!

Just because an illness or condition runs in your family doesn’t mean you have to get it.   There is a lot you can do, genetics are just a piece of the puzzle.

If you need to pop an anti-inflammatory every day, your body is asking for support (not a Tylenol or Advil). If you rely on caffeinated and sugary drinks to sustain your energy during the day, your body is asking for support.

If you need an antacid to tolerate your food, or you suffer from pain after eating, your body is asking for support.

I can help you support your body with nutrition and lifestyle habits so you can be as healthy and vibrant as possible.

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